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We have years of experience of handling negotiations to close and get the best deal for our clients

DKC Supports Clients By Representing Them In Negotiations With Counter-parties.

DKC supports clients by representing them in negotiations with counter-parties. Whether this is negotiations on a new money ship financing or negotiations with an investment grade off-taker with respect to long term feedstock supply, DKC taps into its years of experience of handling negotiations to close and get the best deal for its clients.

Legal Handshake

How We Add Value

There are no egos here.


DKC’s sole aim is to get the best deal for its clients. We put this at the forefront of our minds on every negotiation we are involved in. Clients benefit from DKC’s specific sector knowledge – it is often the case that we have seen a certain issue on negotiations in the past and can utilise past experiences to find a commercially workable solution. Clients often also benefit from having a “middle man” involved especially when it comes to sensitive or emotional or protracted negotiations or in negotiations where the relationship between the parties has temporarily or irretrievably broken down.

Case Studies

Contract Review

DKC was engaged by a client to handle protracted exit negotiations with its blue chip off-taker involving financing, offtake and insolvency issues.


Devandran acted for a client and handled direct negotiations on the CLP FSRU Project.

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