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Exploring Diverse Topics in Core Sectors

Simply put, DKC offers workshops on a range of topics relevant to its core sectors.


These workshops can cover generic topics or they can cover specific topics relevant to a particular client’s business, such as the changing landscape of sustainability criteria for biodiesel feedstock which is a very relevant consideration for feedstock aggregators and suppliers.

Virtual Meeting

How We Add Value

We all learn, absorb and interact with information differently. DKC collaborates closely with each client who wishes to engage us to provide the Workshop Service so that the workshop is tailored uniquely for the client. This would be both in terms of content and format. We listen to what a client wants to learn more about and also consider whether there are any other relevant topics which the client would benefit from. Furthermore, in our experience, certain client personnel benefit more from a speaker one-way monologue, while others benefit more from a free flowing, interactive Q&A throughout.


Get in touch with us. We can collaborate to put together a bespoke workshop which your business and personnel will benefit from.

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